Notes on Jazz

Not being a composer, I used to wonder what it took to inspire someone to dig deep inside and come up with a special piece of music. I guess that it probably wasn’t the way it was portrayed in Hollywood movies. Sure, sometimes I believe that inspiration could come while watching a sunset with someone you love… but just as often, I’ve discovered, it could happen during a few moments of quiet while driving in a car on the infamous 405 freeway!

I asked Larry Williams what inspired him to write the music for “Tales of Wilmon“. He said his inspiration came as he recalled his boy-hood with his dad, to whom he dedicated this album.

Larry tells complete stories in his music… with a real narrative, pauses that come naturally and a variety of voices… very emotional and original stuff.

In my mind… “Homecoming“, my personal favorite, captures the joyfulness of soldiers returning to their families. “Ice Cream On My Sunday Suit” (doggie doo on my sneakers)… paints an obviously memorable childhood experience. In “Pastoral“, I can picture a young Larry happily fishing with his dad.

He has an incredible gift. I hope you’ll check-out his wonderfull “Tales”.

The Monktet
Since there is no real leader/conductor of the Monktet, various players take charge of different charts. Our resident composers are Phil Moore and Bill Fullton who, of course, take care of thier own arrangements. When it comes to the John Magruder Pieces, players Rick Fleishman, Dave Wells and Ron Singer cover what John had in mind. Monk Lives!

The Tall and The Small Band
Pete Christlieb and Linda Small are celebrating thier first wedding anniversary this week. What a great Couple! They are almost finished recording a new album with their “Tall and Small Band”. It will feature music written and/or arranged bythe Grand Master, himself……. Bill Holman. Exciting Stuff!

Performance Announcements

The Bill Fulton Band will be playing at Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, Wednesday September 30th, 2009.

The Magruder Monktet will be appearing at the Los Angeles County Museum of art, on Friday November 6th, 2009. This is the Museum’s “Friday Night Jazz Series“.

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