JAMMIN’ AT JOY’S….with chinese

JAMMIN’ AT JOY’S…with chinese.                                               NOV 12, 2012
My house was built for music. If it could speak…its words would explode with happiness. There is music everywhere …all the time.

All photos courtesy of Greg Dahl.

Between Larry Williams and myself, we have four bands which we rehearse regularly…Larry’s “DOGG MANSION” “JUSTIFIED” and “WILMON WILL” plus my “MONKTET”. From time to time between our respective rehearsals, we invite friends to come over and jam.

Last night was such an event.

Guitarist Byron Fry, drummer, Jay Setar and bassist Rufus Philpot, whom I had just met (what a character!) all answered the call. Of course, Larry brought out his EWI and various percussion instruments of which he designs and creates. So…that was the band…WOW! Greg Dahl and I were the eager audience.

This evening there would be no tunes or charts. The whole idea would be to play out of their heads, outside the box…in other words, free group improvisation.
Ready, set…GO!
Needless to say…they blew the roof off and sent it into orbit!

Players had been asked beforehand to bring their chops, axes, as well as an empty stomach. About 1 ½ hours into the evening, just before everyone got to the “I can’t take it anymore” stage…Larry excused himself and disappeared into the kitchen. He had already prepped the ingredients earlier that day, for one of his culinary specialties…a chinese chicken/veggie stir fry “a la Larry”.
Inspired by a most honorable chinese mother, he has developed some marvelous recipes…a veritable cookbook exists in his head and that in part has earned him the title of “Chief Chef” of this household.
The tantalizing aroma coming from the kitchen lured everyone away from their instruments. They had to see what was going on.
I have to tell you that I think Larry should have his own cooking show on TV. He not only knows what he’s doing but is incredibly entertaining to watch. For example, He talks to the food as he prepares it…sings and dances as he flips and stirs, stomps and claps, clicks and clangs pots and pans for punctuation. In other words, he “plays” kitchen.
Here, the generic adjective “tasty” …goes far beyond its usual meaning.
All around, two and three helpings were the norm. Great friends, great food, great conversation plus great music…what an incredible evening! It was decided that we would have to do it again.
We will. Definitely.


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