Lights On

In 1954, “Light’s Diamond Jubilee” was the first live Coast-to-Coast TV Special. The West Coast broadcast, from CBS’ new studios on 3rd and Fairfax, featured a live 57 piece orchestra. The show was three hours and included Music-Dance-Comedy and Drama. George Goebel made his major TV debut in a most spectacular way, commenting on electricity being 75 years old and what would things be like without it. This made him a Star! In one dramatic scene, Helen Hayes and Thomas Mitchel played my  parents…and in another, I was honored to share the stage with Judith Anderson! But my favorite silly segment was set at a Prom. After I danced with the other cast members…Eddie Fisher appeared and “chose” me to sit on his lap (in my “Prom” dress!). He then sang “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” to me! UGH!! Eddie Cantor, who was also on the show, later announced Eddie’s engagement to Debbie Reynolds. They were called “America’s Sweethearts”! Yeah!!!

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