What an incredible year….and it’s not even Halloween!
After living in my Chandler Blvd. House for 41 years, I made the difficult decision to sell and move on. It was time to leave behind all the beautiful memories….my life with John, all the music happenings….the big band (Magruder Machine) rehearsals every Wednesday night under the chandelier in the dining room…the rebirth of the Magruder Monktet…All the music that John wrote at the grand piano…those amazing Christmas parties and fantastic family gatherings…sharing my home with so many loving friends. I shall hold all these memories close to my heart forever.
It was time.
This decision was not made alone. Larry Williams came to live with me in 2009. He brought with him a new light in my life…a new purpose. As our friendship grew closer…love happened…completely by surprise. We began talking about a future together…starting a new life in our shared dream of living in Ojai, California. In August we bought a great house in this magical village and began our new journey together.
On September 22nd,…barely unpacked…we got married!! What a beautiful ceremony at our friend’s ranch in the hills above Ojai…incredible views from the garden… the ambience was pure magic! We exchanged our vows, sharing happiness with family and friends.
My “Woman of Honor” was my daughter, Debbi, and Larry’s “Best Man” was Byron Fry.
Gregory Dahl, who introduced us six years ago, walked me down the aisle.
Such Happiness!
Then everyone followed us, as in a long parade, down the hill to our new house to celebrate.
What a party! Great food…jolly good fun…many guests brought their instruments and music broke out around the grand piano in the living room. What a day!
Larry and I kept the tradition of sharing the first bite of wedding cake…(making a mess of it of course)
Such a great beginning of our new journey together! We still keep pinching ourselves to make sure that all this isn’t a dream.

Slightly lost in the frenzy of moving and getting married was the release of “PHOTOGRAPHS” (Larry’s first vocal album) Writing these songs together was the basis of our friendship. We are very pleased and proud.
You can buy the CD at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/larrywilliams8
Currently we’re working on some new songs for the next album project…loving every minute of our musical collaboration.
I hope to record my Monktet’s new album, “YESTERDAY’S CHILD” very soon…which should prove to be very exciting…I really miss the regular rehearsals, but am working on new gigs for the band in Los Angeles. Stay tuned.
Larry has continued to rehearse his band, “Dogg Mansion” every week in the San Fernando Valley, and has already begun the recording process. It will take some time, but it will all be worth it…high energy…amazing original music, great players…can’t wait.
Larry’s other band, “Wilmon”, the classical/jazz/americana chamber group has been on hiatus until he can give it the time it deserves….probably early next year.
His recording studio in the new house has been updated and expanded so he will be able to produce, record and master the music of other artists. He has great creative ideas, fantastic intuition and ears, plus he’s a real techno geek. What a combination!
As you can tell, we are both enjoying our new adventure…keeping busy in doing what we love to do…loving Ojai and all its beauty. A dream come true.
I love being Mrs. Larry Williams!!!

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