A Morning Love Song

It was a typical Ojai sunrise…purple, pink and orange sky…coloring to a heart stopping blue.
She knew that she shouldn’t disturb his peaceful sleep…but she wanted to share this moment with him. Otherwise, he’d have to wait another day.
What the hell…she’d do it.
She gently moved in closer to him. He was deep under the bed covers with one foot exposed…eyes closed, making a little noise as he dreamed. She nudged him on the chin. No reaction. DRAT!
She needed to try something more drastic. Feeling his breathing on her face, she gathered enough nerve to touch his closed eyelids with her lips, then uttered the one word she knew would cause a certain response.
Without opening his eyes, Larry reached over and gave Ella a love pat. Satisfied, she curled up next to him and started to purr.
Nothing beats the love shared by a cat and her best buddy.
This morning ritual will begin again tomorrow.

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