Remembering November 19, 2007

I loved going to Ruth Price’s original “Jazz Bakery” in L.A. The music and performers were always excellent. The room was small enough to make the audience feel up close and personal.
When my friend, Greg Dahl called to tell me that I HAD to come [to the Bakery] that night (Nov 19th) to hear the John Rangel Quintet perform. At the time, Greg was Ruth’s assistant at the club. He had just heard the band’s rehearsal and was totally blown away by the trumpet player.
I was too!! When the moment came for the first trumpet solo…I was on the edge of my seat. Barely a few bars were played when I elbowed Greg and whispered, “I’ve GOT to have that guy in my band!!!”
During the break, I asked Greg to introduce us..and the rest is history.
Much later, I learned that there was a video of that performance. How many women can say that they have a video of the moment they first saw the man who would become the love of her life?

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