Easy Come, Easy Go

I’ve written stories before about some of my adventures at a world championship event in Mexico City in 1968. Here is another one.
The American team members were staying at the Mexico City Hilton where we were invited to a very private dinner co-hosted by Barron Hilton, my old friend and shooting buddy. Among the 20 guests were the world
s most elite shooters.
The multi course dinner began with fresh oysters, yum…delicious! But wait…lo and behold…there was a very large white baroque pearl in my first oyster!
I very excitedly passed it around. Since I was wearing a very tight fitting black strapless dress and no purse, I dropped it down the top of my dress. Good and safe…not going anywhere.
After the magnificent dinner, I stayed for cigars and brandy. Happily liquefied, I made it to my room (alone) as I left a trail of stilettos, pantyhose, and finally, dress on my way to my bed.
I was awakened the next morning by the hotel maid. Then, while sipping coffee, I remembered the pearl.
We looked everywhere and under everything.
But NO pearl. Oh well….easy come, easy go.
I came home with a trophy (fourth place)

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