I’ve written about growing up in Show Biz. Stages, Runways, Radio, Films, then TV….all were part of my childhood….from age 3 into adulthood. But being a theatrical professional wasn’t the only thing going on in my young life.
My sisters and I were so beautifully spoiled. We lived in a big Victorian house in the Wilshire Area near the Ambassador Hotel. Our wonderful dad converted one of the garages into our very own theatre… stage, curtains, and all! Our neighborhood was filled with youngsters who became cast, crew and audience. (There was little or no TV!) We wrote and/or ad-libbed some marvelous “productions”… with costumes and music (RCA Victrola and 78’s or whenever possible – live). We later added sing-a-longs and dancing. Our parents and family members always encouraged us and were our biggest fans. It was sort of like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland saying: “Hey Kids, lets’ put on a show!”
I still have my tap shoes and ballet toe-shoes from that era. I truly treasure them. These memories are some of my most favorite in all my life!

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