For the First Time….

Larry WilliamsIt happened last night!…for the First Time ever!…I’ve been lucky enough, in the past, to have been the sole listener to a performance by a musician…just for me…nobody else. But this was oh so different….oh so wonderful! Larry Williams gave me a long promised Private Concert in his EWI. I’ve been fascinated by this instrument (Electronic Wind Instrument), especially having heard what Larry has done with it on several of his own CD’s. He plays EWI, Trumpet, Guitar and Percussion on his newest album, “Tales of Wilmon.” He promised he would “show” me sometime.
Well, last night, He kept his promise. He brought speakers, a small board and a whole lot of cords. He plugged everything into his Blackberry! He said that this would control not only the sound but also his rhythm tracks. He set up in my “infamous” Living Room. He sat me down on a small loveseat and started to play…I’m clutching my heart, remembering…how honored and thrilled I was. How Beautiful!…He played his unique versions of American Song—Book tunes…and three songs which he had never recorded. One Romantic ballad brought tears to my eyes. This was one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts ever presented to me! No special occasion…just an impromptu moment. The best kind.
My Living Room will serve another musical purpose…on Tuesday. This will be the very first rehearsal for Larry’s “Wilmon Band.” This quintet will perform his charts based on music from “Tales of Wilmon.” We are very, very excited….this is a NEW idea…Larry’s version of “Chamber Jazz.” Who says that there’s nothing new in jazz?
How lucky I am!…I truly lead a wonderful Life…to the most incredible “sound track” imaginable!!!

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