Shreds of Genius

Byron Fry: ShredderAt this point in my Life…it seems ridiculous to think of myself as a “Late Bloomer”! But I have to admit that this is very true….and totally wonderful! I have just discovered the Brilliance…the Genius….of Byron Fry!!
I am envious of the magnificent ROAR that he has within him…to be able to harness that energy into such a thing of beauty…His Music.
I know…I know…a lot of you are familiar with the exciting music he creates on Guitar. He can play anything! He can “Shred” to make your head spin and make your heart ache with his ballads. Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Classical, Flamenco, Pop, and good ol’ R&B… it’s all within this one remarkable man!
And more astonishing is the fact that he has written “Fry’s 1st Symphony”….all three movements have been performed in the Eastern Sierra city where he lives…Bishop, California. Breathtaking music created in a breathtaking part of paradise.
He has just finished writing a complex Rock Opera for an Australian client. He has composed scores for TV and Movies and would like to do more. He has traveled with his Music, though not recently. Since he feels very strongly about Education…he enjoys giving clinics and has many students. So many roads beckon him….it is his dream to “do it all.” He will.
I discovered Byron through Friends and Facebook. How could I not have heard of him before? I recently ordered his new CD, “Combustible” through Wow…WOW!!…it’s Passionate, Provocative, and Powerful!… “Music to make love to…all night”…Sexy…Whew! But pay close attention to the tune, “Blues for Brittany”…a touching tribute to his daughter. His love for her is revealed in its unforgettable theme, He is already working on his next CD. He sang a few lines of his newest tunes to me…Marvelous!
Getting to know Byron and his Music is an on-going adventure. I will bring you along with me…it should be a pleasure for us all.

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