In Loving Igor

The artist in his studio

“I have more music racing through my brain than I could ever capture….walking out through the sage, under a full moon does that every time.”
Byron Fry is an Artist whose instruments and interests provide him with the best in musical technology. Yet with all this at hand, he still notates all his music with a pencil and a paper score pad! Sure, he has a full blown studio where he can track and tweak any sound in his musical universe…but he walks around with his 2nd Symphony in his head, thinking about Igor…or what he can call the sexy new ballad that he had just written as his 4th song on his new Album.
Then there is the now infamous Rock Opera he has been working on….recently writing a murder scene to the poetry his client provided. How juicy is that?
His current fusion Album, “Combustible” is still the best seller, after one year, on It’s available on and Pandora Music (radio) now has Byron on its list of Artists for air play. You can also check this Album on myspace…. It’s wild….provocative….exciting and beautiful! It is full of energy but I like to play it at the end of a long day…as a lullaby!
Byron tells me that his new Album will be more “organic” …with “sexy ballads”…more deeply into “interesting”. “Chowderhead Theorem”, “Meltdown” and the amazing “Sandfire” can be heard on his website.
It seems that living in Bishop, CA… the paradise of the Eastern Sierras, would isolate a composer of contemporary and classical music…from the “nowness” of what is happening musically on both Coasts. But he seems immune to so much of the pop-junk that abounds….especially on TV. Though he comes to LA to record and perform….Byron, through his technology, works with the best of the music world Internationally. He plans to tour with the Rock Opera next year.
A final note….for now. Many of you know that while he is one of the best contemporary guitarists alive….Byron is also a strong political activist. He cares about our Planet and works hard to improve our lot. On Memorial Day…outside…at Mammoth Mountain…he dramatically performed Jimi Hendrix’ “The Star Spangled Banner”! What a beautiful tribute to those who gave everything for us to be free. Bravo, Byron.
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