Hollywood Invades Magruders June 1976

Chaos Broke out at the home of John and Joy Magruder when a variety of escapees from nearby studios invaded the celebration of the Magruder Machine’s Third birthday.
It was reported that the first to arrive was a tribe of multi-ethnic “Native Americans” quickly followed by a noisy “posse”, possibly “Blazing Saddles” Rejects. A chase ensued…. Which was interrupted by the arrival of the “Marx Brothers” who proceeded to disrupt the party as only they could. Something had to be done. The Band was safe in the dining room bandstand but the sanity of the guests was at stake. They were soon rescued by two “Keystone Kops” firing cap pistols and blowing whistles. Calm was restored but only for a moment.

Surprising everyone, one Keystone Kop brought in a black cape and silently draped it on the Band Leader…… who then got “pied” by the other Kop.

This done, the Band was presented their birthday cake…. with three giant candles.

A good time was had by all.

Note: credit must be given to the fabulous cast of characters, all members of the Uni Jazz Band. A nod of thanks to my friend, Doris Guest who played the shorter “Kop”. No one else, including the photographer. Laurie Pepper, knew what was going to happen. Costumes / Make-up / Wigs, etc were done quietly in the “Green Room” and the cast waited for their cues in the darkened pool area. (truth be told: John knew about the pie… which made him even more brave in my eyes.)


1st Birthday: Cake was delivered by a gorilla.

2nd Birthday: Cake was delivered by Uni High Marching band in full regalia with instruments…. I was the “Leader” for the night.

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